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Ellen Darby
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Ellen Darby has been studying art and photography for most of her adult life and has explored everything from scientific illustration, calligraphy, watercolor and collage to video production, photography and Photoshop.

ďI LOVE sharing what Iíve learned and find great joy in seeing others become inspired and go on to create their own special art.Ē

BUT . . . WHO is she REALLY?

Ellen is a quirky mix of left-brained + right-brained, city + country, gentle + strong, Lover of country music & lover of classical music. Lover of exploring the grit and grunge of big cities; lover of exploring the quaint shops in small towns. Lover of Quentin Tarrantino movies; lover of Shrek Lover of new technology and all those great toys that come along with it; Lover of sitting around a campfire by a river with friends, beer or wine and food and cookiní. Lover of soft watercolors; lover of the energy of graffiti art Lover of new Leviís and hiking boots as well as Lover faded Leviís and worn out hiking boots And Most of all, lover of life, family, friends, creative arts, dogs, and new challenges.

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