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Folio Academy Terms of use



The first time you purchase a video course from Folio Academy you will be emailed instructions on how to create your account. You can assign any course you purchase to your own account, credit it to an existing account, or gift it to someone who does not yet have a Folio Academy account. For institutions with special purchasing and/or login requirements, please contact us so we can work out a solution for you.

Viewing and Download Limitations

Video courses are stored at and are not available for download and storage on your computer except in special cases, such as for large organizations. When you purchase a Folio Academy video course you may view it on any internet-connected computer, tablet, handheld, or other device as long as only one device is “playing” the course at a given time. This means that your login information should not be given freely to others.

Although only one device may play your video course(s) at a given time, multiple people may view your content at once. Families, classrooms, symposiums, etc may all benefit from this. Think of the video course as a physical CD or DVD which you cannot make copies of but you can play to groups of people. So, for example, you may play the videos for your classroom, but you may not give your students your login information and have them view the videos individually at their residences.

Duplication and Rebroadcasting

You may not duplicate or upload the videos to YouTube or similar websites for general viewing by the public. You may not re-broadcast the videos over the internet or other network for viewing “on demand” . You may broadcast the videos over a network to a class, symposium, or other group provided that the group is assembled at one place.

Length of Term

Your videos will be available for viewing at for as long as Folio Academy is in business. We plan to be in business for a long time. If there comes a time in the future when Folio Academy ceases operations for some reason we will make sure you have the ability and time to transfer your video courses to your own devices for viewing.

Special License and Purchase Requirements

The terms and limitations laid out above apply to the typical user of Folio Academy, and may be revised, on a case-by-case basis, for atypical users. If you represent a university or school district or other organization that requires special-case licensing and/or purchasing please contact us so we can work out a solution for you

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