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Wayne Andreason
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Wayne Andreason never met a dinosaur he didnít want to draw. Art was his favorite subject in school, even though art was nearly a non existent subject in elementary school, he made up for it in Jr. and Sr. High.

As an adult he got his bachelorís degree in art and went on to land some prestigious positions like an IBM artist, a senior artist for the Waterford Institute and later, supervising art director for Imaginetics.

In 2005 he was able to move the whole family, seven kids and his lovely wife, to Italy just for the fun of it - and for the art of it! Art appreciation has always been important to Wayne and his family.

Teaching art is no strange concept for Wayne - three of his children have won contests for their schools and cities. One went on to take first place for the Alpine school district in Utah.

Wayne and his family currently live in the foothills of the Utah rocky mountains where they enjoy life in the high country.

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