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Folio Academy Partners

Join our on line art school's team, Advertise our art online courses or teach others how to be an artist.

Put an ad on your blog or teach others. We still need manga art online or a good manga art lesson. Or maybe How to Draw a Horse, How to Make a Animated Cartoon, or How to Cartoon Myself.

We have two types of business partners, sales affiliates and contributing artists.
Sales affiliates are those who help market our art online courses and have a website or a blog and would like to make money when people click through from their site, to ours and make a purchase. Anyone can do it and a lot of people do.

Contributing artists are our instructors who help others learn how to be an artist. They have proven themselves in the art field and have something to share with the world. That could be you too. Why not share your skills and talent with those who would love your help.

We have a lot of courses already but are always adding to the library, maybe someone you know would like to be one of us. We are still looking for a few subjects like manga art online or a good manga art lesson. Or How do You Draw Horses, How to Make a Animated Cartoon, or How to Cartoon Myself, the list can go on and on; How to Draw a Dinosaurs, How do you Draw a Dragon etc.
If this sounds like you or someone you know, contact them to contact us.

If you are interested in making money by placing ads for Folio Academy on your blog or
website, see our affiliate info page.

Folio Academy is proud to accept art tutorials from master artists. We are always looking
for more videos that teach art related lessons from working professionals. Unfortunately
we cannot accept everything submitted to us.

1. We are only interested in visual art related tutorials.

2. We only accept videos from working professionals – this means that your source of
     income is a derivative of the subject matter in your videos.

3. Please send us some examples of  your work. We don't want you to make a video series
     for us in the hopes that we will accept it. You may send us a link to a 1-3 minute video
     example of your presentation style and subject matter - Youtube works great for uploading a sample and sending us the link.

4. We will judge videos based on content, video quality, audio, presentation style, and of
     course the artwork that is being produced.

5. If we feel that your video is appropriate for Folio Academy we will contact you via email
     to give you submission directions and a contract to look over. Contact us here.

Box left blank on purpose

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