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Frequently Asked Questions
“Are they free art lessons online?” They’re valuable and affordable art lessons online.
“Who’s art school online?” Your art shool online.
“Why is it that when someone tells you that there are billions of stars in the universe, you believe them. But if they tell you there’s wet paint somewhere you have to touch it?” Good question Sparky, Auther and answer, ~Unknown





How long will these videos be available?
Our videos will be streaming online as long as Folio Academy is in business - and we plan to be in business for a long time. Since publishing online is very inexpensive we can easily keep our videos available theoretically forever.

How often can I view the videos I’ve purchased?
When you purchase a video series you own the right to view them whenever and as often as you like.

Can I share my login with friends or family?
When you purchase videos at Folio Academy you are purchasing a licence for you. We track the I.P. addresses to protect both of us from licence theft.

Who can view the videos I’ve purchased?
See our terms of use here.

Will these videos ever be updated?
Our plan is to constantly add new videos as well as update older videos keeping them current and giving our viewers the best video art courses possible.

Why would I pay for Folio Academy videos when my kid can watch free art videos on YouTube?
YouTube is great! However most of the art videos there teach viewers to copy the work of the artist who made the video. At Folio Academy develop art curriculum that will teach a child or adult all of the fundamentals they will need to become a well rounded original artist. Our videos are designed to give the budding artist or the seasoned professional the tools needed to improve their drawing, rendering, and design skills.

What materials do I need for me or my child to get started?
Since drawing is the most important and first art skill an artist needs we suggest you start with drawing videos - so a viewer only needs a pencil and paper (perhaps a sketchbook) to get going. Later you may want to provide your child with crayons, colored pencils, water colors, acrylics, oils, and perhaps access to a computer and/or tablet. Please look at the descriptions for each video series to get the materials list for that course.

Are the upper level videos a replacement for college classes?
No. However the information and teaching methods were developed by professionals many of which teach college art classes. The advantages of learning online are that you can re-watch as many times as you like and you don’t have to ask embarrassing questions if you didn’t hear it the first time. Folio Academy cannot provide feedback which is a good reason to take live classes.

What age group is this for? Am I too old/young?
We suggest kids be at least 8-10 years old to have the focus required to start on level 1 drawing basics. Our videos are valid for all ages. Most adults who say, “I can’t draw” say this because they stopped drawing when they were in grade school. An adult could get just as much benefit in their drawing ability starting at the beginning level as a child.

Is it necessary for my child to create art electronically?
Learning how to draw, render, and design are fundamental skills that can be applied in both traditional mediums as well as working on a computer. Neither one is better - it’s more an artist preference. If an artist wants the end product to be a framed painting they would probably want to work in paint - however if the end product is going to be displayed online or perhaps in a video game or printed material they might consider working electronically. Many people value acoustic instruments just as much as electronically generated music - one is not better than the other.

Can I suggest that you make videos that aren’t currently available?
Absolutely! We would love to get input from our community of viewers. We see this site becoming a great resource for up and coming artists who want to improve their skills in many different areas of art.

I’m an artist. Why would I want to buy these videos for my children when I could teach them myself?
We’ll, we’re artists too and because our lives are so busy it’s often hard to find the time between homework, school, work, sports, etc. Also, kids often listen better to someone they don’t know.

I might not want my child or teenager to go into art for a living - is there any other reason to have art skills?
We have moved into the information age and schools primarily exercise left brain thinking. Getting involved in right brain activities will help children and adults develop their creative minds and be more equipped to offer innovative solutions to problems. In today’s competitive business world it is important for anyone to be able to get up in-front of a group and convey their ideas through simple drawing or include visuals in their reports.

Can I or my child, or can one actually make a living as an artist in this day and age?
While there are no guarantees it is possible to make a living as an artist however it takes more than artistic skills. With the internet, artists are now able to generate a following for their art and sell directly to their audience. There are also a variety of commercial areas in entertainment where artists are employed to create original art.

Is there an instructor available to answer questions?
Not at this time but that might become a possibility in the future. We’ve been thinking about possibly holding webinars (classes) live online.

Can I get a group discount?
Yes, if you would like to purchase a site licence or a group of user licenses we would be happy to negotiate that with you. Please contact us with your request.

Can I be a contributor to this site and sell my videos?
Maybe. We would be happy to review your videos to see if they are a good match for our site.

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