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Dick Ensing
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Dick Ensing owner of the Dutchman's Loft studio, located 1-1/2 miles from Dollywood, paints in the tradition of the French impressionist. With Cades Cove and the surrounding countryside as his inspiration, Dick says 'landscape painting in the Great Smoky Mountains is a real experience, because the light in the mountains is filtered by the atmosphere causing the colors to have a prismatic effect. This creates a mood that captivates the feeling and beauty of God's awesome power. As the 5th generation grandson of the legendary Dutch painter Adrian VanDer Werf (1659-1722), Dick values his heritage, as Adrian was the most famous painter of his day and achieved a high level of academic perfection in all his work, even surpassing Rembrandt, who died when Adrian was 10 years old.

Dick has studied art with Robert Brackman, Madison Ct., William Schultz, Lenox Mass., Herb Abrams, Washington Ct., and portraiture with Illona Ross, Smithkin, N.Y. He has taught art at Arrowmount School of Art, Walters State College, and given workshops at many colleges and art leagues.

Presently Dick does workshops for Jerry's Artarama, Cheapjoes Art Supplies and for the Dutchmans Loft. Along with Dick's other accomplishments he has a degree in engineering and plays jazz as a hobby. Dick, his wife Pat and son Curt have adopted The Great Smoky Mountains as their home.

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