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Bob Rankin
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Bob Rankin One of America's foremost artists and teachers lives here in Raleigh in what he calls a "Houdio"a combination House + Studio. It is a soaring gallery, workshop and residence surrounded by lush gardens and 200-year-old oaks, with a studio bathed in natural light.

"Light is extremely important," Rankin said. "My studio takes advantage of northeast exposure, the purest painting light. I'd much rather be outside than inside."

Passionate about the outdoors and travel, Rankin is as much adventurer as artist. His Fiji Fish Series of paintings was inspired by his underwaterscuba adventures, and he also enjoys skiing and fly fishing. A world traveler whose work has sold internationally, Rankin has been featured in *International Artist Magazine *and has studied in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, Florence, Venice and Athens. He has held one-man shows in North Carolina, New York, Florida and Colorado, and was in a cultural exchange group show in Morocco.

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