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How to cartoon with ink. Drawing lessons on “line art”?
Course you know ink is kinda hard to erase. But it lasts.
Get training here on Line Art. Programs like How to Draw a Dinosaur’s & more.
“I think they mean ‘how to draw a Dinosaur’, singular. Those knuckleheads” “After I'd produced about two dozen pen and ink drawings, one evening I decided that they needed poems to accompany them. I still have no idea where that notion came from, but it took me about two hours to produce verses for these creatures.” ~Jack Prelutsky

Line art is any image that consists of distinct straight and curved lines placed against a (usually plain) background, without gradations in shade (darkness) or hue (color) to represent two-dimensional or three-dimensional objects. Line art can use lines of different colors, although line art is usually monochromatic. It is also called line drawing. ~Wikipedia

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