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Carve a Prize-Winning Jack-O'Lantern

This step by step, "how to carve a pumpkin" video shows you how artist Wayne Andreason designs, carves and builds this award winning jack-o'-lantern. Granted the award was a fifty dollar first prize award from his mother-in-law's Halloween work party, but it still took 1st place and made $50 for grandma. This course is good for any one who is old enough and mature enough to safely wield a knife. We recommend responsible adult supervision, and please, don't cut yourself, or anyone else. Knives and saws and other carving tools are dangerous. Total run time is 2:13:54

                  Course Sections and Times:
1. Introduction (1:20) 2. Draw a few thumbnails. (3:48)
3. Draw it first on paper. (6:21) 4. Draw the face on the pumpkin. (7:33)
5. Carve the basics. (9:47) 6. Skin of the teeth or skin the teeth. (7:16)
7. Sculpt the teeth. (24:25) 8. Sculpt the tongue. (9:01)
9. Eye sockets. (8:54) 10. Make the horns. (5:14)
11. Attach the horns, eyes and tongue. (13:03) 12. Carve the little pumpkin. (16:47)
13. Add a little color. (13:54) 14. Final touches. (4:14)
15. Preservation tip. (0:46)

Wayne Andreason

                  Sample image from the course

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