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Lift Out Technique in Mixed Media

In this course, veteran illustrator and teacher Robert Barrett shows how to complete a painting from start to finish using a mixed media "lift out" technique. His demonstration evolves from the initial drawing through the stages of opaque water color, oil washes, and finished details. Along the way, Barrett discusses principles of how to get a correct drawing, the importance of good shapes, and how to design compelling color. Approx run time 2.5 hrs. Ages 16 up

                  Course Sections and Times:
1. Drawing from reference (21:06) 2. Laying in watercolor washes (13:48)
3. "Lifting out" the watercolor (35:45) 4. Glazing in oils (16:09)
5. "Lifting out" in oils (22:16) 6. Finishing the painting using opaque oils (38:56)

Robert Barrett


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