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Complete Foundation to Pottery

This is a series of step by step demonstrations guiding you right through all of the processes required to throw and hand build pottery. After which we look at mould casting & decorating pots - painted applied and incised. Glazing and firing from start to finish. In these videos I share with you years of experience shown clearly and simply. You join me in my studios working on actual craft-work from start to finish. Age - teen & up. Approx run time - 3.5 hours

                  Course Sections and Times:
1. Pottery introduction (3:08) 2. Making a tea pot (17:24)
3. Making a tea pot lid (3:20) 4. Making a tea pot spout pottery (6:15)
5. Turning the base pottery (5:02) 6. Tea pot lid handle pottery (6:26)
7. Fitting a teat pot spout pottery (6:46) 8. Tea pot handle pottery (4:59)
9. Applied decoration tea pot pottery (7:09) 10. Casserole with fluted rib pottery (7:50)
11. Casserole lid pottery (2:42) 12. Fluting the edges and lug handles (3:26)
13. Changing a wheel head throwing tall jug (14:08) 14. Lip and handle for jug pottery (3:03)
15. Throwing a big bowl pottery (7:01) 16. Turning the big bowl pottery (16:59)
17. Making a hollow stem pottery (9:54) 18. Decorating a nick and fitting parts pottery (4:26)
19. Pierced decoration pottery (3:46) 20. Turning foot rings pottery (7:03)
21. Tools used in pottery (2:42) 22. More applied decoration pottery (2:47)
23. Slip Cast and moulds pottery (9:37) 24. Hand building pinch pot pottery (16:46)
25. Impressed decoration and large coil pot pottery (12:46) 26. Slab pottery pottery (9:26)
27. Glazing and decoration pottery (19:42) 28. Making an owl and final display pottery (10:33)

Peter Wood


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