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Painting on the iPad

As more and more iPads are sold, artists are finding that it is a wonderful workstation for sketching and digital painting. In this video series Will Terry uses the “Brushes” program ($7.99) to create drawings and paintings in step by step descriptions. The “Brushes” program is very simple to use but extremely powerful, and capable of giving the artist a wide variety of tools to create anything they can imagine. As a freelance children's book illustrator, Will now uses “Brushes” to create sketches for the books he works on for his publishers. If you want to explore drawing and painting on your iPad this video series will help you realize what is possible. Approx run time: 3hrs. Ages 12 up.

                  Course Sections and Times:
1. Brushes Tools18:59
2. Photo Painting27:23
3. Head Drawing39:53
4. Robot Drawing15:49
5. Farm Painting 131:49
6. Farm Painting 247:03
7. Speed Painting2:33

Will Terry
University Teacher


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