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Cloth Mache' Part 2

In this video tutorial Jean Clay is back demonstrating how to make a cloth mache' cat from start to finish. She continues to give you ideas and insights in making wonderful whimsical animals and creatures from house hold items and disposables. You will be shown from start to finish Jean's process step by step on building, painting, and adding details to her signature cat. If you've ever wanted to make your own 3-d characters as collectibles, gifts, or for commercial displays you'll enjoy what Jean has put together. Ages 16 up. Aprox run time 41 min.

                  Course Sections and Times:
1. Making the mix (3:53) 2. Making the cat frame (16:05)
3. Applying the cloth mache (14:38) 4. Painting and Details (14:38)

Jean Clay
Cloth mache' Specialist

How to purchase the course:
You can pay using PayPal or with a credit card. After you purchase the course, you will be emailed instructions on how to create your account and view your course.

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