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How To Design A Drawing

In this course children's book illustrator Will Terry explains what it means to design a drawing as well as an introduction to the design principles and elements. This is a fundamental course giving the viewer easy to follow explanations for making good design decisions and problem solving visually. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced artist the insights by Will are personal to his work. Will uses detailed examples reaching back from the history of art through current professional illustrators from today. If you want to take your compositions to the next level this course will give you the tools needed to evaluate your own work based on simple design principles - and you'll have a better understanding of how to get the results you know you're capable of. Ages 16 up. approx run time: 3hrs

                  Course Sections and Times:
1. Why design is important (8:50) 2. Design principles and elements (18:02)
3. Line (14:42) 4. Shape (24:06)
5. Value (33:47) 6. Space (11:51)
7. Composing (15:06) 8. Thumbnails (27:09)
9. Comps (10:09) 10. The finished drawing/painting (16:49)

Will Terry
Children's book author
University Teacher


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