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From Thumbnail to Finish

Paul Mann brings us an amazing western painting and reveals his process step by step. From his early sketches and concepting process he starts with an idea and brings it to life in acrylic and oils. His painting process takes many hours but by working on several panels Paul is able to capture the key stages needed to understand how to layer his painting. Paul is a veteran artist and his final piece reflects how he generously shares his years of experience. Ages 16 up. Approx run time: 100 min

                  Course Sections and Times:
1. Introduction, design and beginning sketches (12:57) 2. Using reference, props, and blocking in with color (29:59)
3. Transferring with grid lines - beginning the final painting (20:58) 4. Applying oils - laying down finished strokes - using a mirror (26:26)
5. Painting in details and final touches (12:38)

Paul Mann
master Painter
Veteran Illustrator


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